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Mission Statement

Vision Statement

We recognize the Green Line as a fundamental component of MTA rail network, which will serve Los Angeles County commuters who not only want to be connected to Downtown Los Angeles but who want to travel to areas that are remotely-located from Downtown Los Angeles.

We recognize the Green Line as a mass transit project which has the potential to improve air quality in Southern California--thus making it a truly "Green" Line

Mission Statements

  • We believe that Green Line trains should have direct access to LAX.
  • Our operating principle is to strive to achieve consensus with as large a majority as possible to enhance the credibility of establishing any future public policy.
  • We stand for making the experience of Green Line passengers as comfortable and convenient as possible.
  • We support efforts to connect the Green Line and other traffic/rail modes or routes. Thus, in addition to a direct LAX connection, we support extensions to Norwalk, the South Bay, the Westside and the Valley.
  • We support any outreach and/or marketing efforts to make people and politicians aware of the Green Line and the areas and attractions which it serve
Do you have the power? Do you have the speed? Do you have the memory? If you answered yes to these three questions, you are only a click away from finding the answer. The message is clear regardless of your power or speed or gray matter is to have the Green Line proceed north to LAX and later beyond like the Green Line was originally designed to give the Green Line passengers and the community better LAX access.

Friends of the Green Line (FoGL) is a totally volunteer organization supported by its dedicated members to advocate a better integrated public transportation system for the total Los Angeles region. Extending the Green Line to LAX is one of many critical transit requirements for Los Angeles to have an outstanding public transportation network. FoGL is not associated with or funded by any governmental or private agency. Its funding is exclusively by its members.

Friends of the Green Line can be reached at INFO@FoFL.us.